14 Hours Homeless

New Zealand's housing crisis is having a devastating impact on our most vulnerable families and individuals, but we believe everybody deserves a safe and secure home! That’s why we took part in the awareness and fundraising event ‘14 Hours Homeless’ on Friday 13 October.

14 Hours Homeless

Hundreds of people in cities throughout the country slept rough for the night – on cardboard, in a car, or on a couch – and raised funds for local social services that work with the homeless. Here in Wellington around 120 people took part, including many amazing people who fundraised for The Mission!

We’re so grateful that over $5,000 has been raised for us so far! This will go towards our work with families who are burdened with housing issues such as homelessness, overcrowding, or living in substandard conditions. Overall the event has raised over $40,000 so far in Wellington and over $76,000 nationwide!

We’d like to say a huge thank you to the incredible people who took part and all of their amazing sponsors. Together, we are truly making a difference!

You can still donate to 14 Hours Homeless until the end of October - simply head to: www.14hourshomeless.org.nz/event/WellingtonCityMission. Thanks for your support!