1991-2004Mission for Youth students practise their basketball skills

Mission for Youth students practise their basketball skills

Rapid social change, less money in public purse and private pockets, more pressure on institutions and individuals

Huge costs of residential care required action - Hadfield House was sold and Kemp Home & Hospital upgraded, whilst work with isolated elderly in the community was extended. The Mission moved to address the reasons behind social problems and aimed to help people out of trouble, away from welfare dependency and on to a better quality of life.

The Mission's Community Service programmes were revamped, and four new programmes were developed in 1998. These programmes go beyond initial relief and support to actively promote self-sufficiency through personal support, encouragement, education and training.

The Mission's four Community Service programmes are: 
  • Mission for Youth - an Alternative Education and social support programme for teenagers.
  • Mission for Families - a mentoring and support programme for young families.
  • Mission for Independence - a re-employment programme for long-term unemployed. Also a motivational and training programme for people seeking to overcome welfare dependency. Includes money management and budget advice, the Drop-in Centre and Foodbank support.
  • Mission for Seniors - a visiting and support service for isolated elderly.

A Mission subsidiary company, Mission Foods Ltd, was established to operate  'The Ezee Meal Programme' - frozen heat 'n' eat meals. These are prepared especially for older people who may have trouble with shopping and food preparation - but are available to anyone.

The Mission's programmes aim to help people in the Wellington region who:
  • need help in coping with difficult personal or family circumstances
  • are not able to care for themselves
  • need emergency assistance
  • cannot manage to provide basic necessities of life on a limited income
  • are not coping in mainstream education
  • are unemployed
  • are alone and seek social interaction with their peers
  • seek spiritual comfort or guidance

A Christmas dinner in the 1990's.

A Christmas dinner in the 1990's.

The food bank in the 1990's.

The Foodbank in the 1990's.