My Story

My children and I went through a lot in our eight years with The Mission. When I first came, I was dealing with a bad separation, and was a solo mum working full-time – barely making ends meet. Our house is cold and damp, so my youngest son gets really sick. He has multiple disabilities, which has made finding a better house difficult. I wasn’t coping with everything, and struggled with depression and anxiety.


Our Mission for Families social worker really was the right person at the right time. It was so important knowing she was always there to reassure me, listen without judgement, and help figure out solutions. She gave us food parcels to help feed the kids and stretch the budget, and advocated with Work & Income and Housing NZ to get us on the high-priority move list. She also brought us into Strengthening Families, where heaps of opportunities came from different agencies – especially to help meet my youngest’s needs. I learnt heaps from The Mission’s Budgeting Advice and cooking course too, and now I can pass on skills to my children as they grow up.

When I moved off Mission support I had an incredible feeling of achievement. I can now start planning to go back to work or into training – and we’re looking forward to moving house. I’m way more positive, and confident to make the best life I can for my family.