My Story

My husband and I had been together for 10 years and had four children when, after a night of drinking, he assaulted me badly. It was devastating, and our family life got a whole lot tougher when my husband went to jail as a result. I was left with nothing and had to go on the benefit. I was really depressed, but our kids needed me to be strong – especially because our eldest boy has autism, and our three girls were all under three years old.

Mission for Families My Story

My Mission social worker took away some of the pressure immediately by visiting me at home with food parcels, and talking about ways to manage as a single parent. She also opened the door to a whole network of support through ‘Strengthening Families’, where lots of agencies work together to help out. Meanwhile my husband was working hard on himself. He completed drug and alcohol and stopping violence counselling, and stopped drinking over two years ago.

Now life is better than ever. My husband and I got married, and he started his own business. We’re better at communicating together, know much more about parenting techniques, and are confident to make the important decisions. It means our kids are all so much more settled.

Through it all, my Mission social worker stood by me without judgement, and made it easy for me to get the help I needed. It was up to me to find my own direction, but she was there to guide me. We don’t need any help from The Mission now. I’m so proud of my family, and we’re really excited about having our new baby very soon!