My Story

No parent should have to choose which necessities their family will miss out on each week. But because of ongoing issues like unsafe housing and low incomes, many families we work with are stuck and can’t see a way out. With the right support, they can give their children a much better start in life.

My Story:

Just over a year ago, my husband and I felt like we were sinking. A lot of our problems came from not having enough money. I was looking after our newborn baby Lilly, and my husband could only find part-time work. We were living in a mouldy one-room studio. We all got sick a lot, but we couldn’t afford both heating and food. There were young people drinking and doing drugs in our neighbourhood as well, so with my husband working a night shift, I never felt safe. We couldn’t apply for a new house because we already had one, and a private rental was simply out of our budget.

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A Mission social worker, Trudy, came into our lives at the perfect time. Her visits, encouragement, and support gave us new hope. After having to make hard choices about what we would have to go without each week, she brought us parcels filled with healthy food and nappies for Lilly, to help lower our costs. She advocated for us with Housing NZ, Work and Income, and even our local MP to find our beautiful new home. We’ll always remember having Lilly’s first Christmas here – especially because Trudy surprised us with toys and Christmas food which we would otherwise have gone without!

Now we’re building a better life for our family. With Trudy’s support, my husband got full-time work. Our budget is still pretty tight, but it’s a huge relief knowing that Lilly is safe and healthy. We’re so thankful for all the help we got, and earlier this year we finished receiving assistance from The Mission. We feel like anything is possible now, and we’re so excited for Lilly to have a good future.