My Story

There are many factors that can lead someone into homelessness, from simply being unable to find affordable housing to deeply-rooted personal issues. Making the decision to break that cycle and ask for help can be overwhelmingly daunting. But The Mission’s expert services are here to help whenever someone is ready.

My Story:

I lived in my van for over three years. At the time my mind wasn’t in a good way, and I had ongoing bronchitis and stomach problems. I had very little money, and mostly kept to myself. I’d had some bad experiences with government agencies so I didn’t trust them. Being homeless didn’t feel good at all but I honestly thought that nothing could be done to change my situation.

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After some persuading by a friend, I decided to go into The Mission’s Drop-in Centre (DIC). Soon I started visiting regularly for the good food and company, and to use the shower. The human contact was so important. Even if they didn’t realise it, The Mission’s staff were making me feel a lot better and breaking down the barriers I’d put up. They even gave me valuable items like a new pair of shoes and a sleeping bag, which I was very grateful for. So when I really needed help sorting out my sickness benefit I approached their Community Services Advocate, Rowan (pictured). It was a huge relief seeing how she could work with the agencies I’d struggled with before, so we applied for housing as well. When I got a house I was absolutely elated – something I hadn’t felt for such a long time.

At first it was a little hard getting my head around keeping on top of the costs, but knowing The Mission is there for me makes me feel confident that I’ll manage. I still visit the DIC as much as I can, they’re a bit of a family really. My health has improved immensely, and I feel a lot safer and part of a community. I reckon I might even live a few years longer too!