My Story

I lived without electricity for over a year because I had so much debt, and was struggling with my budget. My health was really bad, and I was anxious and depressed. I was always eating cold food, and was too embarrassed to have friends over. I became cut off from my community, and sometimes just wanted to give up.


It seems stupid now, but I was reluctant to ask for help because I didn’t want to lose my independence. But a Mission budget advisor showed me what my finances could look like, so I went on their Total Money Management system. My money was split between debts, bills, spending, and eventually saving – and Mission food parcels helped me stay on track. I learnt heaps about budgeting, and started enjoying finding the best deals. My budget advisor also arranged a plan with the power company, and my power was switched back on.

After eight months I felt confident to move on without The Mission’s support. Now my power account is in credit, I have savings, and can afford to donate food every now and then. My health has improved, and friends visit heaps. I even completed a budgeting course so I can help others in my community. Life is a lot more fun, the depression is gone, and I’m optimistic. I’ve got a sense of belonging, and the independence I truly want.