Mission for Seniors

Enhancing the quality of life, dignity and respect for older people with health, disability or social isolation issues.

How The Mission helps seniors 
Many people who access the Mission for Seniors (MFS) programme are living alone and are looking for day-to-day help, or are overwhelmed by ongoing issues. The vast majority have three or more long-term medical conditions. Often they’re experiencing an overarching feeling of loneliness because their family is not local, or they’re isolated from their community. Some are the main caregivers for their partner (often with dementia), an adult family member, or are informal carers for younger family members.

What happens at Mission for Seniors
MFS provides a unique relationship with older people by taking an individualistic and holistic approach. Our team of qualified and experienced social and case workers visit and support seniors in need. Staff listen to what people are struggling with and problem-solve by being an accessible information resource. Using a strengths-based approach is key for older people to feel empowered – together we recognise clients’ aspirations, capacities, barriers, options, and resources to improve their quality of life. They are supported to make positive changes to their well-being, become interdependent with their community, and remain in their own homes for as long as possible.

Looking forward
Initially we can assist with everyday tasks that seniors often find difficult. However for long-term outcomes, we help people gain their rightful entitlements, connect them with the services they need in their community, and provide much-needed encouragement – all the while making sure to liaise with family and friends. Sometimes living alone at home is no longer practical or safe, so we’ll assist those who feel it’s time to move into a rest home or continuing-care hospital. By showing seniors the options that are available to them, they’re able to live a fuller life.

Many people move off the programme once they feel confident, or complete their personal goals. However, they know they can get in touch with The Mission again if new challenges arise.

During 2015-16
• 189 seniors were supported by Mission for Seniors caseworkers – 71% lived in the Hutt Valley, and 29% in Wellington and Porirua.

• Staff made 1,518 face-to-face visits with clients in their homes and in the community, and 1,081 contacts via phone or email.

• Staff made 318 visits, and 1,570 contacts via phone or email, to external organisations to support or advocate for clients. 

• Staff made 126 referrals for clients to external services for additional specialist or local support.

• 43 clients no longer needed MFS support, and became independent after they successfully completed the objectives in their personal plans.

This service is free to seniors living in the Greater Wellington region. For more information please contact:

Vicki St Clair
Manager, Mission for Seniors
Phone: 04 282 1410

You can download a Mission for Seniors referral form from the sidebar to the right.