My Story

Many older people The Mission works with have felt as though their voices aren’t being heard. In some cases they find it so difficult to navigate health and housing processes, they have no choice but to accept what can be a distressing and even dangerous day-to-day reality.

My Story:

Living in my home was terrible for the last couple of years. Every time it rained, my ceiling would get soaking wet. As the months went by, the brown watermark and sagging spread further throughout the house. I’d look up at the ceiling every day, scared that it was going to fall in. It was so cold and damp inside and I was getting sick a lot, which was really bad for my heart condition. I’d shut the doors and run the heater, but I just couldn’t warm the house. My power bill went sky-high, and I couldn’t afford to pay for it along with my other living costs. I had to ask my family to help me make ends meet.

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I rang my housing provider countless times telling  them about the problem. Their system said the roof had been fixed, and they kept saying they’d send someone around to look at it. But no-one ever came. It was only getting worse and we couldn’t do anything about it. I felt like I was going to be forgotten. When Annette from The Mission came in it was such a relief. She got to work straight away, by visiting my home and then talking with my housing provider on my behalf. It was amazing how she knew exactly what to do, and she arranged for a representative to come out and see it. Finally, they replaced the entire roof and ceiling!

I’m so grateful and appreciative of what The Mission did for me. After years of trying to get my roof fixed, with Annette by my side it only took a couple of months. It has made such a great improvement in my life. I feel comfortable, and I have a warm and healthy home!