My Story

Before I started with The Mission, health issues were ruling my life. It was impossible for me to keep up with complicated information, tests, and diagnoses. I wasn’t confident to make important decisions, and it was scary.

The stress of what was going to happen was constant, and everyday life was reduced to timeslots between medical appointments. It was hard not having someone close by who could help me deal with everything. I have the incredible support of my loving family, but they live around the country and overseas.


My Mission caseworker was the answer to my prayers. She joined me for specialist appointments to take notes and help me absorb information, and we’d debrief afterwards. I began making informed decisions, especially about really drastic things like anaesthetics and surgeries. Where before I would leave appointments stressed and frustrated, I started going home at peace – knowing I was in control. Even though some of my health problems are ongoing, I’m so much happier.

Now my caseworker helps me every couple of months when I need to untangle new information. Just knowing she’ll be there in times of need has changed everything. I can get on with life and do things I enjoy – like volunteering once a week at the local school to help children learn to read. I really feel like I’m on solid ground to deal with the challenges that lie ahead.