My Story

I’m really happy to be independent, although I don’t mind saying that when you’re 100 years old you need a bit of help every now and then. My husband passed away a few years ago, so I live in our home by myself. I do the best I can although my eyesight, hearing and steadiness aren’t what they used to be. I like to take care of health appointments and banking myself but it can get really overwhelming. Travelling is exhausting, and trying to understand complicated information can be really confusing. When I’m at home, I sometimes get into trouble working myself into a worry – especially about my children. They’re in their 70s, and are facing difficulties themselves, so I can’t expect them to always be available if I need a hand.

Mission for Seniors My Story

Knowing my Mission caseworker, Annette, is there for me is tremendous. She always makes sure that I have everything I need, and spends time listening and problem-solving. She helps me get to important appointments and then understand everything so I can make the best decisions for myself. Without her I doubt I would have been able to deal with the audiologists to get my all-important hearing aids, or arrange a walker so quickly after a recent near fall. She has made my medication so much simpler with blister packs, and makes sure I’m not overpaying for them too.

Most of all, The Mission's support means I get to appreciate and be thankful for everything that’s good in my life. I’m so happy to still be in my home, and I’m looking forward to each new day.