My Story

Making the choice to go from living independently in your own home to a rest home can be really hard for older people. But for so many residents at Kemp Home & Hospital, it proves to be the right decision. They have the physical and social support that will help them get back on their feet and start enjoying life again.

My Story:

The last few years at home were really tough. I’d broken my hip and had knee surgery, which made getting up and down the stairs every day really hard. I couldn’t do the things I enjoyed anymore either. The cold and dark winters were always daunting. I’d be stuck inside all day, and it was freezing in my bedroom so I had to rely on my hot water bottle to stay warm at night. I had a constant feeling that something even worse was going to happen with my health. I felt alone, and was getting depressed.

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Eventually it all became too much to cope with. When I told my doctor about everything, she suggested I have a couple of weeks’ respite at a rest home. As soon as I arrived at Kemp, I felt such relief, and knew I wanted to stay. I felt really welcomed by the staff and residents. My day-to-day life and medical condition got so much better. There are healthy meals prepared for you throughout the week, the residence is always kept really clean – and there’s no more climbing stairs!

My improved health, and Kemp’s support, has made sure that I can look forward to each day. I’m bowling, going to the movies, and attending the in-house chapel. The residents and staff make such good company as well. If I’m a bit anxious I’ve always got someone friendly to talk to who can help, so I feel more confident in making my decisions. I feel blessed to be part of the Kemp family. I know that things are going to be OK, and I’m really enjoying my life again.