My Story

Life was really tough after my mum passed away six years ago. It was a terrible blow for our family, and my relationships with my sisters broke down. My two children had moved away too, so I felt alone and lost my God and faith. I didn’t know at the time I was unwell, but my mental and physical health deteriorated. I kept moving from one flat to another, couldn’t take care of myself, and never felt at ease living alone. I wasn’t coping, and ended up in hospital for a while. My nurse saw that I needed full-time care, and arranged a meeting with Kemp Home & Hospital. A week later I moved in.

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I didn’t think I would enjoy being in care but I do! Kemp has such a caring atmosphere – all of us are one big family. I feel safe, healthy, and know I’m being well cared for by staff. I love being able to remain so independent. I go shopping, and meet family and friends for coffee. I take part in most of the in-house activities, like morning exercises, arts and crafts, gardening, and special events like our cultural days. I’ve got my sisters back in my life too. It turned out they didn’t know where I was because I didn’t have a phone in my flat. We talk a lot now, which is wonderful. I’ve found my faith again as well. I attend the services in Kemp’s chapel, and have friends who pick me up to take me to another church on Sundays.

I get great joy every day through all the activities I do, and my relationships with other people – and it’s all improved my health as well. I really am so blessed. I have a great life here, and feel at peace.