My Story

For years Mum was fine living independently in her flat. But as she got older she got progressively frailer. Day-to-day life started to get more difficult – and sometimes a bit lonely. Our family was worried, especially because she was reluctant to ask for help when she needed it. After a nasty fall, hospital staff and my brothers were able to persuade her that living in a more supportive environment would be better.


Kemp was the obvious choice. Mum had lived in the area for more than 60 years – I even remember it being built when I was a kid! But more than that it felt like home. The staff were really welcoming and helpful, which made the daunting decision easier for everyone. Honestly Mum didn’t really like the change at first – but she soon started to enjoy the stress-free lifestyle. Kemp was always nice and warm, and guaranteed three healthy meals a day. There were new opportunities to be social, and 24/7 professional care. After recovering from her fall she started going for long walks, and coming home for lunch every Sunday.

After five-and-a-half years there, Mum passed away. Kemp was really supportive – and it was special to hold the funeral in their Chapel. Kemp was the best place for our mum, especially as her condition deteriorated. It was a relief knowing she was as safe, healthy, and as happy as she could be.