My Story

A lot of rangatahi who feel alone are making destructive decisions now, which are shaping their future direction. Mission for Youth is a place of belonging for those who are feeling left out – providing the guidance and opportunities they need to get onto a better path and fulfill their potential.

My Story:

Before I came to MFY a year ago, life wasn’t good. I was 15, struggling with my anger and violence issues, and getting into trouble with the police. I wasn’t wanted at school anymore, and I felt worthless.

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But MFY was there for me, and everything changed. For the first time in a long time I was being told I could go further than I’d ever thought. I loved coming in every day. We got to do life-skills like managing money and bank accounts, and I enjoyed being creative. The smaller classroom size was better suited for me too – I actually achieved my first ever NCEA credits in the first couple of weeks! I had a place to escape from the negative stuff, and the staff helped me through a lot. I could talk about anything, and my anger issues started lifting away. Something just clicked. I went from “I don’t care about anything” to “what can I learn now, and where can I go after this?” Working in the trades is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, so my youth worker Taylor (pictured) helped me take my next step into training.

I graduated MFY at the top of attendance and achievement. I never in my life thought I would hear a police officer say nice things about me like at our prizegiving – especially one who had arrested me the year before. I can’t believe how much MFY changed my entire life in eight months. I’m so proud to be independent, and working towards a career I’m passionate about. I can see my whole future planned out, and I can’t wait to keep moving up in the world.