My Story

It would have been so easy for everyone to just give up on me when I was a teenager. I was hanging out with an older crowd, dabbling in drugs and alcohol, and getting angry at teachers. By the time I was fifth form (Year 11) I’d been to four schools, and it got to the point where I just stopped showing up.

Mission for Youth My Story

When my parents tried Mission for Youth, straight away I could tell it was the place for me. Teachers had more time to spend one on one, and I could have honest conversations about what I was going through. I started working towards achieving NCEA Level 1, and drinking and drugs were no longer important to me because I had a purpose. The youth workers spent time going through issues at home as well, and my relationship with my family improved. All along the way I picked up heaps of life-skills that I still use today. After a year, I passed NCEA Level 1 and got my first job. Since then I’ve worked in a lot of exciting places, and about six years ago I started at ANZ.

The life I have now was once beyond my imagination. I love my job, and my partner and I now own our own home. The teachers at Mission for Youth had a huge impact on me. I’ll always remember how they genuinely cared about me and my future. Now I’m really happy to be supporting The Mission in return! I’ve organised my team at work to get involved with the Christmas Star Appeal, volunteered in the Drop-in Centre, and have been invited to talk to the current youth students. Hopefully, I’ll be helping someone else who is falling through the cracks now.