Property & Clothing

New residents are encouraged to bring items or personal property that will make their area homely.  All rooms can accommodate a radio, TV, small dresser and chair. Personal property and requirements such as glasses and hearing aides should be labelled and receipted by the nursing staff.  While we do not encourage residents to keep jewellery, money and other valuables, the staff undertake to take all possible care of these.  A safe is available for valuables on a short-term basis.  There is a banking system available for small amounts of money and residents are able to draw this on request during office hours.

To assist with determining what clothing to bring into the facility, a property list is available.  If this is completed before admission it will contribute to making the admission as easy as possible.  When a resident is admitted to Kemp Home & Hospital, we undertake to be as careful as possible with personal clothing and property.  To enable us to do this we request that all staff are informed of all clothing/belongings brought into, or removed from the facility.  It is important that all clothing and belongings are clearly named.

A full laundry service is provided by the Kemp Home & Hospital laundry.  All linen is supplied for residents and personal laundry is done on the premises.  The services are included in accommodation costs, and all possible care is taken to keep clothes in good condition.

Kemp Home & Hospital operates a resident trust fund where small amounts of money can be deposited for individual resident use.  This money is accounted for by the Administration Officer at the front desk.  The money can be accessed during normal business hours.

Staff at Kemp Home & Hospital wish to make a resident's admission to and stay at Kemp Home & Hospital as pleasant and supportive as possible for residents of all cultures and ethnic groups.  Support from staff of many cultures is available to assist residents and families/whanau in whatever way possible upon admission to the complex, or at any time during a person's stay.

There are people on staff who are fluent in most Pacific Island languages and several Asian languages.

Residents and families/whanau of other cultures are encouraged to make known any specific requests or to consider the introduction of an appropriate cultural group.  The Nurse Manager is available and would welcome any opportunity to discuss this.


Residents and family/whanau can choose to supply their own toiletries.  If residents and their family/whanau ask Kemp to supply toiletries, a charge will apply and can be paid from the resident’s pocket money account.