Service Standards

Kemp Home & Hospital is required to maintain a variety of standards set by the Ministry of Health (Health & Disability Standards), Capital Coast District Health Board and Mission Residential Care itself.

Guiding the Mission Residential Care standards are our Mission Statement and Philosophy of Care.

Mission Statement:

The staff at Kemp Home & Hospital undertake to provide a professional and caring environment with opportunities for seniors to live a dignified and fulfilling daily life.

Philosophy of Care:

We believe:

In the individuality of all those in our care and their right to make informed choices through our interaction with them and their families/whanau. 

In creating a pleasant living environment with professional care and the encouragement of activity, both mental and physical, to maintain the resident's optimum quality of life.

The staff are committed to providing a high quality of care and service in a comfortable, homely environment. To this end, we have a Quality Plan and provide ongoing education for staff.  We encourage residents and families/whanau to have as much input into the design and delivery of an individual's care, lifestyle and activities plan.

The Resident/Whanau meeting is held every three months and this is an opportunity to find out what’s happening at Kemp and have input into any relevant issues.  All residents and their families/whanau are invited.