Winter Appeal

Winter in Wellington has its challenges – from the cold temperatures and the strong southerlies, to the (occasional) horizontal rain. During this season we all have to make some choices about how to keep ourselves and our families warm, safe and healthy. While these choices may be simple for some, for others they are incredibly hard.

There’s the choice to turn the heater on so your family can keep warm, knowing full well that the power bill will be more than you can afford. The choice between getting your kids rain jackets so they can stay safe and dry on the way to school, or putting that money towards groceries for a hearty family meal. Or maybe it’s the choice between taking your sick child to the doctor or paying the rent that week.

Too many families and individuals will face hard choices like these during winter. Please make the choice to help! You can support our Winter Appeal by getting involved in any of these key activities:

With your support, we’ll provide food parcels for families on low incomes so they don’t have to choose between food and heating this winter. We’ll provide financial mentoring to help people avoid falling into crippling debt because they can’t pay a large power bill. Our Drop-in Centre will continue to offer hot meals, daytime shelter and a place of community for people facing social isolation or homelessness.

The impact of this support often goes much further than we realise. Along with helping people get through the challenging winter months, it sets them up for a better future too!

So together, let’s make sure that everyone in the Wellington region can be warm, safe and healthy this winter!