Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can volunteer ?

We welcome all volunteers who have a vision for seeing change happen here in the Wellington Region. We love having a team of volunteers who all come with their own experiences and stories to tell. We are looking for volunteers who are well organised, clear and open communicators, have good initiative and work well as part of a team. We want volunteers who are passionate and inspired to create lasting change through their own skills they offer. We do ask that if our volunteers are under the age of 16 they have a parent/guardian attend their shift with them.  

2. How much time will I need to commit?

There are a wide variety of roles to volunteer in within The Wellington City Mission. There are casual volunteer roles and regular volunteer roles. For casual and group volunteering there is just the one time commitment. The regular volunteering roles require 2-4 hours weekly or fortnightly for at least 3 months. We understand that life circumstances change and the volunteering role you are in might not work anymore. We are happy to discuss this with you and find a role that suits your needs.

3. I’m working full-time can I still volunteer?

Currently we do not have many opportunities for full time workers apart from casual volunteering. We are planning on incorporating this more in the future. So keep an eye on our website for new updates. We need casual volunteers for the running of events and some other one-off roles that may arise, we would love to have you with us. If this interests you, please e-mail volunteering@wgtncitymission.org.nz.

4. What skills and experience do I need ?

We are looking for volunteers who bring a positive attitude and are keen to learn. In our Foodbank and Community lounge we will take you through a training process where you will learn everything you need to know to volunteer here.

Do you have a particular skill you see that could be used in the City Mission ? Let us know by emailing  volunteering@wgtncitymission.org.nz. We would love to discuss potential opportunities for you within the mission.

5. What support will I be given?

While volunteering here you will be given all the appropriate training for you to carry out your role. You will be working under a supervisor in your chosen area of volunteering who is there to support you in your role. The Manager of Volunteer Services is there as added support who will oversee the whole volunteer programme.

6. Are Volunteers paid?

No, however should paid employment opportunities arise at the Wellington City Mission volunteers will be made aware and can apply through appropriate channels by submitting a CV and cover letter.

7. What is the application process?

If you would like to volunteer please sign up to our database to express your interest in volunteering with us. This will give us more of an idea about who you are and what volunteer role would suit you best. From there we will be in contact with you.

8. Can I volunteer with you for my Duke of Edinburgh service section?

We are currently in the process of setting up on opportunity for more youth to be involved within the mission. Send us an email with your expression of interest and we will get in touch when this opportunity is available.  E-mail volunteering@wgtncitymission.org.nz.

9. Is there parking available during my volunteer shift ?

The Wellington City Mission has no parking for volunteers. However there is  street parking in Newtown. There is also plenty of public transport options which make it easy to get to the City Mission.

10. What should I wear?

Some roles at the city mission will require you to wear comfortable, practical clothes, closed toe comfortable shoes and long hair to be tied up. We will contact you with what is required of you in your role.

11. Will you give me feedback on my performance as a volunteer?

We are always happy to provide feedback if requested. This feedback will come from either the Manager of the area you are working in or our Volunteer Manager Susan Penetito.

12. Does Volunteering at the City Mission require me to have a church connection or religious affiliation?

No, we welcome all volunteers who have a heart for serving the community and have a vision for seeing change here in the Wellington Region.

For enquiries e-mail volunteering@wgtncitymission.org.nz.