What We Do

We provide holistic support to those who need help, offering access to all our programmes in response to need. Together, we work to identify and address people’s underlying issues to create positive outcomes.

Mission for Youth
A comprehensive Alternative Education programme for youth who have disengaged or been excluded from mainstream schools, providing a place of belonging, life-skills, and new opportunities.

Mission for Families
Early intervention for families through advocacy, education, support and guidance, equipping families to better manage their own circumstances.

Mission for Independence
Guiding, supporting and equipping financially disadvantaged and unemployed people towards independence and self-management.

Mission for Seniors
Enhancing fullness of life, dignity and respect for older people with health, disability or social isolation issues.

Kemp Home and Hospital
An 81-bed facility offering both rest home and hospital-level care, for residents who require permanent or short-term care – improving their quality of life.

For more general information about any of our programmes please contact us at Mission Info.