Regular Giving

Regular gifts change lives

By choosing to give a regular monthly donation, you will be helping us to plan ahead with a steady stream of income to rely on. We appreciate that committing to regular giving is a big ask when few of us have a lot to spare. Recognising this, we will ensure that your money is used to best effect to lift up those in need within the wider Wellington region.

To set up an automatic payment click here.

Spend my Super

If you are retired, you may find that you are not in need of all, or part of your income.

Through Spend My Super — set up to make a difference for children and families around the country — you can donate any part of your Superannuation to selected charities, including The Wellington City Mission so less of our young people and families are left behind.

All our regular givers receive a tax receipt at the end of each tax-year and we keep you up to date via our regular quarterly newsletter.