Working Here

Would you like to work for The Wellington City Mission? This page will be updated when we have vacancies available. Should you wish to volunteer, you can find out more by clicking here.

Te Kaimahi o DCM (outreach)

Downtown Community Ministry (DCM) works with people in Wellington who meet the New Zealand definition of homelessness or are at risk of homelessness. We call the people we work with taumai, meaning to settle.  This reflects both the time they spend with us, and the
journey we embark on together to become settled, stable and well.

Te Kaimahi o DCM (Outreach) is a member of the DCM team who supports taumai on this journey towards wellbeing, working with them in a way which enhances mana. 

The Outreach Team is a collaborative service between DCM and Wellington City Mission working with people in Wellington who are visibly rough sleeping, street begging and living in cars around the city rim. 

The Kaimahi o DCM (Outreach) worker is employed by the Wellington City Mission, and the worker is based between DCM and the Mission sites, which will mean being adaptable to each sites different working environments, and teams.

For more details please email olivia@wcm.org.nz