Corporate partnership


Our Financial Mentors provided budgeting advice to 183 people

October – December 2021

There are many ways your company can support our work from financial donations to challenge events. Together we will develop an innovative partnership that will engage your staff and customers – through fundraising, donating goods and volunteering.

Financial donations

A corporate donation can be a powerful social investment tool. We’ll work with you to maximise the benefits it brings to your company as well as the people in need you will be supporting.

Donating Goods and Services

Your company can bring powerful change by donating products or professional expertise. From food items to pro bono support, we need goods and services to bring about change for people in our community.

Staff engagement

Whether it’s running races, head shaves, bake sales or hikes, staff fundraising is fun, simple and sociable. By supporting your staff’s fundraising efforts you will build motivated and engaged teams and develop their personal and professional skills. We can offer a variety of ways to involve your employees in an engaging partnership with The Wellington City Mission.

Cause-related marketing (CRM)

Teaming up with The Wellington City Mission to market a new or existing product or service could boost your sales, profile and customer base while raising vital funds for people in our community.


Companies are full of people whose time, expertise and specialist skills can help us have a real and lasting impact on the lives of others. As well as this we can offer fun group volunteering opportunities in our food bank to engage your teams.

To discuss how your business can partner with The Mission please contact Penny McEwan on 022 463 2443 or by email