We walked alongside 204 people who are in our Financial Mentoring programme.

August – October 2022

How to Help this Christmas!

Thank you so much for supporting the work of the Wellington City Mission this Christmas. Click here for all the ways you can help this year!

More people than ever before are coming to the City Mission needing help. Thank you for all that you do to care for those doing it tough.

Ways to Help This Christmas …

Buy a ticket to The Silent Night! The Fundraising event at Sky Stadium that doesn’t happen and no-one goes to. Click here to purchase your ticket and get ready to not go!

Give to our Christmas Appeal by donating here … thank you!

Purchase a Heart to show your support for our community. Hearts will line the Wellington Waterfront from Friday 25 November and are a demonstration of how our community cares for each. You can have your name, your logo or even a photo on your heart. So click here to order your Heart.

Thank you Wellington!

And if you need help … please click the button below.


This Christmas, The Wellington City Mission is experiencing need for services in excess of four times more than pre-Covid levels. To help generate emergency fundraising to see it through a time… Read more »

Connection Is The Opposite Of Addiction

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Family2Family is back!

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Enabled 685 visits with our Social Workers to support people and families facing challenges in their lives.

August – October 2022


We supported 1076 people through our Social Supermarket.

August – October 2022


Supported 21 manuhiri from our Pā into permanent housing.

August – October 2022