Wellington is a great place to live, work, do business and to raise a family. But for many, life is a significant challenge.

Homelessness, food insecurity, and isolation are major social barriers to an ability to live successfully in our city. These are real challenges for New Zealand and for the people of Wellington, so we have been asking ourselves how can we best respond. We need a game-changer.

For 117 years, The Wellington City Mission has been there for people and now, we are embarking on a significant building re-development project for Wellington; Whakamaru – more than a roof.

Whakamaru – More than a Roof.

Whakamaru is a response to the shared need to create a mana-enhancing community. This is a building project which is about building more than walls and a roof. We’re creating a transformative community hub for all Wellingtonians in the heart of our city.

The building project ‘Whakamaru’, a name gifted by Mana Whenua meaning “to shelter, to safeguard, to protect”, is set to be a game changer for the Wellington region.

Through Whakamaru we will provide homes with 35 supported transitional housing units, encourage social interaction through a community café, enhance dignity through a free social supermarket, create community engagement through extensive volunteering, and provide a new and better equipped home for the Wellington City Mission.

We’re delighted the Government have announced a contribution of $10 million in support for the construction of Whakamaru. The $10 million injection is part of the Government’s ‘shovel-ready’ programme and is part of a pipeline of infrastructure projects that have public or regional benefits, create jobs and are ready to get underway. 

The building of Whakamaru also presents social and economic benefits for the Wellington region by creating 120 jobs and generating a minimum of $12 million to the Wellington economy during the construction phase.

With construction due to commence in September 2021, we are also grateful to have received support from the Wellington City Council, and from generous individual philanthropists and business owners in Wellington.

Whakamaru will give us a greater platform to be there for people in Wellington, along with providing greater opportunities for community involvement. This will allow us to create a community that cares of  itself, which will be transformational for the Wellington region. The project is due for completion in September 2022 and we look forward to keeping you up to date with our progress along the way and inviting you to be a part of Whakamaru.

The Wellington City Mission still have an amount to fundraise to complete the project, and there are opportunities for you or your business to be a part of creating something transformational and ground-breaking for the people of Wellington. If you’d like to know more contact Sharon Cavill at Sharon@wgtncitymission.org.nz or 022 0594808.

Read our Press Release by clicking here.