Whakamaru will be a transformational community facility where there is no ‘us and them’.

The latest building development from Wellington City Mission will reshape the way we support and care for our community.

Whakamaru will be available 24/7 to those in need, offering an array of services to everyone who steps through its doors.

Within Whakamaru, The Mission will provide a range of services including:

  • Enhanced food support through a Social Supermarket
  • Community and belonging through a pay-what-you-choose public Café
  • Transitional housing through supported housing units
  • Laundry facilities, as well as a 24/7 toilet and shower block
  • An accessible medical centre
  • Outcome-driven social services

Whakamaru will be completed in 2024. To explore the building and view the latest progress updates, you can click on the short videos below.

Social Supermarket


Public Café

Showers and Laundry

Get involved

To find out how you can join us, click the video below, and for more information you can contact Sharon Cavill – sharon@wgtncitymission.org.nz 022 059 4808