6 year old Hugo’s Letter to The Wellington City Mission

I have been talking with Santa lots about things I would love for Christmas.

I hope he gets me a jet pack.

He doesn’t talk back so I’m not sure if I will get it. I also told mummy just in case and she said that Santa doesn’t give out real jetpacks to little boys that don’t have licences yet so I said maybe a back pack with pretend flames is ok.

It makes me sad that some kids don’t get anything for Christmas, it’s not fair.

So I was thinking, can we do something together?

Instead of any money that you would spend on buying something for me can you show me how you have helped little boys and girls who don’t get anything?

I am going to buy a little present with my money for a little boy, and mummy is going to give it to her work as they do that sort of thing.

I know food and water is most important to families but I also think books are very important, because I love them.

My mummy and daddy are going to help me buy a box of groceries so I can help with the food bank donations at school with yummy Christmas food.

When it’s time can you send me a picture of something you have done for Christmas using any money you would have spent on me as that will make me happy.

I can’t wait til Christmas.

Love Hugo.

Last year, thanks to the generous support of Wellingtonians, The Wellington City Mission were able to ensure over 2,100 children received new Christmas gifts. We also provided Christmas food parcels to feed over 3,500 people.

“Hugo’s e-mail is a timely reminder of how important peoples’ generosity is at this time of the year. With your support, we can continue to support people and families in need, and give them a Christmas they deserve.” Says Murray Edridge, Wellington City Missioner.


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