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Family Support

Whether you need help managing home and whānau life, advice or advocacy, or assistance in accessing social services, we deliver a holistic and wrap-around in home social work service to whānau. Our service is delivered by qualified social workers who can support and advocate for you and your whānau, helping you to  achieve a better quality of life.

We can help you to manage your home and whānau life by building positive relationships, modelling non-violent behaviours for problem solving, establishing whānau goals and helping you achieve these. We can offer you support, advice and advocacy in areas including accessing Housing New Zealand support, WINZ, health services, schooling and education. We offer strategies for positive parenting, and this can include mentoring and education, and helping you to access and utilise other agencies and services that are on offer in your own community.

We understand that challenges facing whānau are wide ranging and diverse. We can also support you with emergency food, clothing, linen, blankets, baby equipment, or household furniture, to help ease stress or hardship.

Our team of social workers are fully committed to encouraging, educating and supporting you to gain the skills to manage your own future, your relationships with whānau and friends and most importantly, to thrive.

Geographical area: The Mission for Families program covers from Tawa, all the Wellington suburbs and the Hutt Valley with the exception of Eastbourne and Wainuiomata through to Upper Hutt. 

We accept referrals from all agencies, e.g. NGOs, Schools, Health Services, Government agencies and individuals using the form below.

“We see the healthy and effective functioning of families as a vital requirement in our communities.  We have a team of social workers who are skilled at working with whānau and children.  The unique contributions we bring to this practice are working with the whānau in their own environment; and by supporting them to realise their strengths and capabilities that will enhance their lives.  This is carried out within their own time frame”. 


Staff made 1,137 face-to-face visits with clients in their own homes and in the community, and 914 contacts via phone and e-mail

(Annual Review 2018-19)


213 children were supported by Mission for Families

(Annual Review 2018-19)


154 families were supported by our Mission for Families social workers

(Annual Review 2018-19)