Wellington City Mission partners up with Soap for Society for another year

The untold side of poverty is one that content creator Lucy Revill aims to shed more light on.

Hygiene poverty can be regarded as the often less talked about issue in society, prompting Ms Revill to come up with Soap for Society, a hygiene drive to bring in soap, moisturiser and sanitary items for those living in serious need.

After an incredibly successful inaugural drive in 2018, Soap for Society and The Wellington City Mission are excited to be joining forces for another year. Aiming to create fulfilment by providing the little things in life to those in need, it is again another opportunity to walk the talk on the untold side of poverty. Says Lucy Revill.

“There are so many things in life that we often take for granted. At the very heart of Soap for Society is my unrelenting belief that even our most vulnerable deserve to feel beautiful, cleansed and comfortable in their own skin.

“True and absolute empowerment can come from the little things in life, from a bar of soap and a face mask, to shampoo and conditioner and shaving foam.

“Last year, The Mission and I were overwhelmed by the generous support of those who gave. We were inundated with crates of sanitary pads, body wash, shampoo and moisturisers, which shows the generosity of people and their understanding of the impact of hygiene poverty. 

“Hygiene poverty is a nation-wide issue and isn’t just exclusive to one community, demographic or gender.

“This year we’re really excited to also have both Auckland and Christchurch City Mission’s on board the drive. This means more people can continue to feel a sense of dignity and self-respect. Hygiene poverty is a national issue.” Says Lucy Revill. 

For the people that go to The Wellington City Mission for support or even a shower, providing products like soap and shampoo and sanitary items can go a significant way to restoring their pride and dignity. Says Bridget Child, The Mission’s Marketing and Fundraising Manager.

“People experience homelessness through no fault of their own and their circumstances often mean they’re not able to afford life’s necessities. Providing hygiene products helps to give them back some autonomy over how they look and feel.

“Creating fullness of life starts from providing for and supporting people with the basics they need to live confidently each and every day. Whether it be in the form of a skill or product, we have to start somewhere.” Says Bridget Child.

Lucy Revill has also put out a call-to-action to corporates and businesses challenging them to get on board and support this crucial drive.

This year, Soap for Society will run from Monday 23 September to Friday 27 September 2019. Hygiene products can be dropped off to The Wellington City Mission, Gordon Place, Newtown.


Media contact: Kieran Meredith, 027 879 2336

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